The best way to take advantage of your pension is to understand it. AECOM agree so together with your pension provider, Scottish Widows, we offer a range of resources to help answer your questions, dispel myths and help you engage with what is an incredibly important issue.

Scottish Widows have created a bespoke AECOM website where you can find useful tools to help understand your pension, look at investment options and contact them directly about your policy. TISCO also host regular webinars on a range of subjects, detailed below, as well as ad-hoc sessions and in-person presentations.


We host two regular sessions each month.

One is aimed at new employees but will be helpful for anyone wanting a refresher on how the pension works. Click here to register.

The other is designed for existing members with questions. Click here to register.

If you want to know how pensions work, where your money will be invested, the choices open to you should you want to be more involved, the charges on the pension or how salary sacrifice works, these sessions are ideal.

As your career continues to progress and you approach retirement you will want to understand the changes that are forthcoming and the options available to you. These quarterly sessions are for anyone who wants to know more about what could be considered leading up to retirement and also options available at-retirement.

The pension reforms have hugely increased the options open to people, but with more choice comes greater complexity. You have spent decades collecting your retirement benefits – making sure you make the correct decisions is absolutely crucial.

The sessions are held each quarter and focus on providing information on the range of options available, detailing the choices you face and helping you understand the impact of the decisions you will need to take. You will find helpful information, be pointed in the direction of valuable resources and will be given the opportunity to ask questions.

Click here to register.

Here you will find details of our one-off sessions. These are held in response to a particular issue and are held as and when required. They are typically orientated around certain times in the financial calendar or as and when there are significant changes in the financial world.

There is not a pension funding webinar planned at this time but you will be notified when the next session is due.

Our most recent session on Tax Year End Pension Masterclass – action for high earners has recently taken place.

The webinar was aimed at high earners and those with significant money purchase, or defined benefit pensions, who could be affected by either the yearly pension’s taper allowance or the large pot lifetime allowance.

You can view a short video on the annual allowance/carry forward and the tapered annual allowance here.

A guide to the Lifetime allowance can be downloaded from here.

A guide to tax year end planning can be downloaded from here.


We also recently held a session on the small changes to the AECOM default fund. If you missed the sessions on this, here is a short video which may help.


TISCO periodically visit offices around the country to hold in-person sessions.

If there are any planned, you will find the details here.